The LSN Philosophy

About Live Simply Natural

Lively. Plant-centric. Nourishing. Simple. Centered. Authentic. Delicious. And so much more!  This blog is all about feeling inspired, confident, and enthusiast about being your best self.

Live Simply Natural is more than just a food blog, it’s a guide to eating well and living life naturally. Here I share my love of life, mindfulness, movement, good-for-you foods, nutrition tips and topics, inspirational interviews with other wellness warriors, and a ton of other resources on living healthier and happier in today’s world. The recipes I share on the LSN blog are nutrient dense, gluten-free and dairy-free, plant-based, while also offering flexibility for those who need a little wiggle room.

I hope that by reading my blog you’ll learn more ways to optimize your overall health and well being, while having some fun in the kitchen. Ultimately, my goal is to make healthy living deliciously simple…because it is!

The LSN Philosophy

About Live Simply NaturalThe Live Simply Natural philosophy is all about returning to the roots of nature. Here are my Simply 6 Philosophy Principals for better health and wellbeing.   

01. Eating as an act of nourishment.

Buy local. Eat organic. Nourish the body with REAL wholesome foods that you can trace back to the source. Eat a diet high in plant foods: fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, grains, pseudo-grains and legumes.

02. Conscious Movement! 

The way we walk, move, sit, stand, and hold our body is reflections of our state of mind. Being aware of how, when, and why we move creates an opportunity to connect to both body and mind. Conscious movements each day can have a huge impact on energy levels, mood, sleep, food choices, concentration, stress levels, and self-esteem. Being conscious with the way we move creates a sense of balance in our everyday wellbeing.

03. Cultivating your intuition & inner wisdom!

Listen! Thats is what we are asked to do. Your body responds to you in it’s own unique way. Learning to listen to our whole-bodies responses creates opportunities for your inner wisdom to surface and be heard.

04. Connect with Nature!VanessaCassani_ The LSN Philosophy

This one seems simple but it’s a powerful principal that can be used in every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat, to the products we use, and even the environment we surround ourselves in. These days our world is so full and fast paced, I invite you to slow down and simply noticing the beauty of nature around you. Align yourself with the natural flow of the seasons, notice the colors of your food, buy seasonal produce and eat with the rhythms of the earth.

05. Uniting breathe & mindfulness into your daily practice!

To be mindful is to be truly alive, present, and at one with yourself and those around you. Regardless of our internal condition–like our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions–our breathing is always with us. Learn to breathe deeply and be aware and awake to the here and now.

06. Practice radical acts of Self Love & Self Care!  

We are constantly giving energy, love, time, and resources to our families, work, and communities. Taking the time to recharge and giving back to ourselves is one of my favorite philosophy principals. Remembering that our needs matter and honoring ourselves with love and care is truly a gift to the world. Creating a radical self-love and self-care routine is necessary to feel whole, centered, and balance with everything we do in our daily lives. Here are My Top 10 Tips to Practicing Self Care .