Citrus City

Day 3 of my juice cleanse was a bit of a challenge. I started the day with a headache, luckily, my juice cured it. The rest of the day was

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Pretty In Pink

If you follow me on Facebook, you’d know that I’m currently doing a 7 day juice cleanse. Around every New Year I always do something to honor my body a

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Peachy Green Smoothie

Spring is here! This is seriously my favorite time of year. Well no, that’s not entirely true. I really love all the seasons but right now I’m in love with

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Green Monster Energy Blast

Green smoothies are my favorite way to start my day. It fuels and fills me up, cleans and energizes my body. This recipe was an accidental creation. My husband just

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Blueberry Banana Bliss

If you are a fan of hemp seeds, which I don’t know anyone who isn’t these days, you will enjoy this recipe. Lately I’ve been adding hemp and chia seeds

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